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Star Wars Armada

Ready-to-Play TableTop Game

From the famous Fantasy Flight Games forge around the equally ingenious Christian T. Petersen comes the ready-to-play tabletop game Star Wars Armada. The already painted fleets compete against each other in different scenarios.

The individual composition of the fleets, the choice of mission objectives, the player's maneuverability... all this adds up to a depth of play that can turn the tide of battle until the last laser salvo.

For this game system there are regular tournaments worldwide

World Championships are held in the USA, for which you can qualify in national tournaments. Such events are important in that they keep the game system alive and regularly tweak the rules to allow for new fleet combinations.

In our clubroom you will get the opportunity to learn and play Armada. Our Rebel Admiral will be happy to teach all prospective Separatist, Rebel, Imperial or Republic Admirals the 1 by 1 of space travel.

The next tournament will take place on 06.04.2024 with our friends in Lausanne.

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