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Blood Bowl

Mix of American Football & Warhammer

Since 1986

Fascinates generations

2 teams with a maximum of 16 players each compete against each other. On a rectangular board (15 * 26) fields is to bring the ball into the opponent's end zone.

Players differ in strength, skill and speed.

The coaches can create your own team from up to 26 teams, which will gain experience and improve your skills over several games. But be careful, didn't the dark elf have a knife in his hand... and what does the goblin do with the bomb ???.


Tactics meets Push-Your-Luck

The genre is a gentle introduction to tabletop games.

Some players put a lot of love into painting the figures and build entire stadiums for the game. This game was released in 1986 and has since been maintained by a community of players, the NAF, worldwide.

At Swiss Gamers Unplugged, there is ongoing league play and tournaments are held on a regular basis. The best go to tournaments worldwide to finally bring the world championship title to Switzerland.

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